About me

A corner about myself...

Hola! Hello there!

  • 32 años, desde Santiago de Chile :)
  • Trabajo en Electrónica, en la industria de Radiocomunicaciones
  • Me gustan las ferias/persas y el ambiente a su alrededor
  • Me encanta encontrar cosas nuevas, repararlas y darles una 2da vida
  • Yep, chilean spanish ≠ regular spanish. ¿Cachai?

(Photo by Felipe Brayner on Unsplash)

In this blog I'll write in Spanish and English simultaneously, just change the language at the top right to read in either language. (You'll have to search for the blog entries manually for now, sorry about that). Maybe it's too much of a handful to try & reach for 2 completely different audiences, but time will tell.

Fair warning: my English is entirely self-taught, please don't cringe (too much) if you happen to find some engRish here and there...