A new blog? In 2019?

Let's see ... this is my first blog, and I really don't know how to start. I think the most sensible thing is to explain why a blog in these times of social networks, Instagram and those things.

Over the years, my hobby has been electronics. I tend to visit flea markets looking for old & new stuff, something that piques my curiosity ... Partly for fun and partly for teh monies: many of the things I buy in bad condition, I do repair and sell for a profit  (giving a second life to something that could end up in the trash, polluting the planet even more).

I realized something. Despite having done many things, I do not have a record of what I do, which could serve me as well as others who seek the same knowledge...

And that's why this blog :)

Little by little I will upload all kinds of information ... teardowns, guides, photographs and the things that happen to me. Because memory is fragile and knowledge should be shared, don't you think?